Practising these techniques while pregnant really prepared me, and kept me calm & focused during labour."

Sarah •  6 hour natural labour, no interventions

 Hosted by Marie Berwald

Love Your Birth

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Thanks to you, I had a beautiful calm birth and my husband was amazed with how relaxed I was."

Jill • First time mom, natural birth 

Now I can't wait for labour.  It might go differently than I envision, but my mindset is in the right place, so that makes me successful no matter how my birth unfolds."

Runi •  First pregnancy, 8 months along 

 3 Steps to Ease Pain in Labour For A Happier, Healthier and Easier Birth

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In this exclusive training, you will learn how to... you can successfully navigate the medical system even in the face of medical challenges. which emotion this is and how to train your mind for more of it.

... to enhance your body's birthing instinct (hint: this literally turns down pain)

Head Instructor at Birth Bliss

Use Movement, Breath, Visualization, Support and Deep Relaxation

Harness A Hugely POWERFUL Emotion For Natural Birth

Feel CALM & PRESENT and effectively advocate for yourself

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Hi Ladies, I'm Marie!

I help expecting moms replace fear with CALM CONFIDENCE using proven holistic techniques for a POSITIVE BIRTH so you begin motherhood empowered and secure.

After experiencing a difficult natural birth, and then two amazing transformative births (also natural)  I now teach the exact strategies I used to create those positive experiences so YOU too can have the birth of your dreams! 

Before I didn't know there was an alternative.  This has opened the door to birth the way I want."

Julie • Started out sacred of labour - become calm & focused.  

Join us and start feeling confident & truly prepared for the BIG day!
Learn the exact blueprint to make your birth empowering, calm & more comfortable.


Jam-packed with VALUABLE information that's changing the face of birth preparation 

- and more importantly - 

Giving you the best chance possible for a calm healthy birth for you and your baby!

If you are just a few weeks away from your due date, or just beginning to explore your options, this one single training can literally be a game-changer as far as achieving a SATISFYING birth!


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