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How these movements can make your pregnancy easier... 

Marie Berwald, Sept 2023

Hi, I'm Marie.

Here’s the brutal truth about pregnancy:

Growing a human from scratch is hard work.  

You might not magically FEEL AMAZING just because there is a small miracle taking place inside your body.  

Your body needs to move... but that's hard, because you're tired, you're sore and you're not 100% sure what's safe.

But just imagine if you had expert guidance, and a supportive environment.

A place where you learned simple movements that made your pregnancy more enjoyable

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I have a spinal disorder that often causes me pain.  I was so worried it would cause me great difficulty during my pregnancy.   However with the stretches and exercises Marie provided I made it full-term with ease and comfort."

Sarah Phipps • Elementary School Teacher

Marie helped me deal with the normal aches and pains of being pregnant. Thanks to her prenatal yoga, I was able to enjoy my pregnancy so much more. Marie has a very fun but calming and beautiful presence that influences everyone around her."

So today I'm sharing the gift of yoga, so that you can feel both ENERGIZED and RELAXED at the same time (and yes that is possible).

If you're serious about creating a vibrant pregnancy and reducing stress naturally so that you can feel grounded & stable in daily life... 

Then come join our community, meet expecting moms and start feeling more comfortable in your pregnant body! 

Prenatal Yoga

with Marie

For Expecting Moms who want to ease pregnancy aches, and enjoy more vibrancy.

Ready to Feel Better?

Deirdre O’Donohoe • Geologist

A Gift Class

This was medicine for the soul and my pregnant body."

Tiffany • Photographer 

Exercise that helps you feel energized & relaxed...  (and yes that's possible)
Join us in studio at Bodhi Tree Yoga on 13th ave in Regina, Sk
Perfect for all stages of pregnancy 

Some women are waiting to feel better before exercising... but the longer you stay sedentary, the more aches and strains crop up.

Other women feel they are too exhausted to exercise.

Still, others are simply unsure which movements are safe for pregnancy

If any of that sounds familiar, you are in the right place!

To feel better you need the RIGHT KIND of movement: 

Movement specifically designed for pregnancy - that takes into account your changing body...  

That flows between gentle and challenging; so that you can tailor your movement to your body's needs.

Plus practicing with a community is SO MUCH EASIER & MORE FUN than trying to go it alone.

Research shows that yoga during pregnancy is associated with deeper more restful sleep, improved mood and more ease and comfort in the body physically.

Plus yoga is a great way to reduce stress & anxiety. The RELAXATION at the end of class is like the best DESSERT ever!

I would love to share with you, what I've learned after years of teaching prenatal yoga...