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“When I was first expecting my baby, 
I was terrified. LIKE PETRIFIED!!!! Marie relieved my anxiety & enabled me to have a BEAUTIFUL BIRTH.” 

Elisha Weger • Professional Photographer

Thanks to you, I had a beautiful calm birth and my husband was amazed how RELAXED I was.” 

Jill Brown • Modern Homesteader

A BRAIN-SCIENCE approach to pregnancy and birth. 

During pregnancy your brain is already rewiring itself. 

You've probably already noticed from the mood swings, cankles and "baby brain" that there are some PHENOMENAL changes happening inside you - and not just your body. 

Your brain changes too.

With learning, you can remodel and RETRAIN your brain to "think different". 

Thereby changing the pain signals and how your brain interprets them.

Whether your ideal birth is a serene water birth, an effective epidural or a calm cesarean, you want a birth that is a POSITIVE experience.  

You need the RIGHT kind of brain training to get there! 

Your mind can be trained for CONFIDENCE, PEACE and emotional resilience.

 And guess what?  

That training can happen while you rest on your couch!

Yes! Send Me the Guide to An Easier Birth

When I was first expecting my baby, I was terrified. LIKE PETRIFIED!!!!  Marie relieved my anxiety, and enabled me to have a beautiful birth.” 

Elisha Weger • Professional Photographer

Get started with a simple technique that I've perfected over years working with pregnant women just like you.

Today I'm giving away my guide to an EASIER BIRTH that will show you exactly how to overcome those familiar pregnancy worries and start training your brain for a calmer, gentler, more COMFORTABLE birth.

If you're serious about learning how to get the best birth possible for you and your baby...

Get this guide, and start feeling more CONFIDENT and EXCITED about the big day!  

Why Traditional Birth Prep Doesn’t Work 
(And Is Sometimes Even Damaging Your Wellbeing)
For Expecting Moms who want a positive birth experience 

Jill Brown • Modern Homesteader

My pregnancy was filled with stressful situations, but what I learned made a huge difference in my wellbeing. What a positive impact on my birth!” 

Risa Payant • Art Program Consultant 

“My pregnancy was filled with stressful situations, but what I learned made a huge difference in my wellbeing. What a positive impact on my birth!”

Risa Payant • Art Program Consultant

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The more fearful you feel, the more difficult labour becomes.

How brain-training can help you have a positive birth

Marie Berwald, July 2022

Hi, I'm Marie.

Here’s the brutal truth about birth prep:

Traditional prenatal classes leave women feeling scared of birth

Having a baby is nerve-racking enough. 

So many unknowns! 

The last thing you need is to feel more nervous and unsure of your ability to do this.  

In most birth classes, you'll spend a lot of time learning about all the things that can go wrong

Not only does this undermine your trust in your body, it creates fear.



Labour is controlled by a complex cocktail of AWESOME HORMONES, like oxytocin (the love hormone) and endorphins (the pain blocking hormones). 

Stress, worry and fear change the body's response to labour; blocking those good hormones, tightening the muscles, restricting blood flow, and making labour more painful.

Most typical childbirth classes focus on ways to lessen the pain, with comfort measures like water, doulas and peanut balls, and while those have their place, focusing on them is missing the point.

The pain has already been created.

My daughter's birth was truly amazing... calm and empowering. Marie's system is awesome.  I learned to trust myself and be a more relaxed and emotionally resilient mother.” 

Becky Chapman• Social Worker